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Our goal - improving the practice and business of law, and access to law

February 22-24, 2019 / University of Westminster,

Regent Campus

Cambridge Strategy GroupAgile Elephant, Wavelength Law and University of Westminster are the joint hosts of the London event for the world’s largest legal hackathon – the Global Legal Hackathon (GLH) on February 22-24.  On the 24 February a winner will be declared for London and that team will go through to the global (virtual) semi finals.  On 25 March the finalists will be announced,  and those teams will be invited to the gala finals held at a banquet in New York on 4 May, when a winner will be declared.  Go to our FAQ section for a complete explanation of how to enter, get involved, the rules and guidelines, timings for the hackathon weekend and all of the information and resources available.  This site covers the London event, follow this link for the Global site, or this link for the rules & guidelines.   


The goal is to bring the legal industry together, world-wide, to apply innovative ideas and emerging technologies to progress the business of law, or to facilitate access to the law from the public.

This year we have a special addition - the GROWL initiative.  The Global Rise Of Women in LegalTech supports up-and-coming women leaders in legal innovation around the world.  GROWL will be fully integrated with this year’s hackathon, providing an enhanced track for women-led teams.  In the UK it is being coordinated by Morgane Van Ermengem, so please contact her for more information.

What is a Hackathon?

Nothing to do with hacking computers!


A hackathon is a competition where multi-disciplinary teams come together to collaborate, build and launch mobile, web apps or any other innovations aimed at solving a particular problem. They usually work in small groups over a couple of days.  People can come individually or as a team, with an existing idea to pitch, or to listen and join one of the teams that will be formed at the start of the event.  The goal is to come up with a prototype or proposal at the end of the hackathon to present in front of a panel of judges.


In our case teams will be a minimum of 3 and a suggested maximum of 6 (but no more than 10).  Anyone has the chance to pitch an idea at the start of the event on Friday evening, teams will be formed, they’ll work over the weekend, and then present to the judges at the end of the weekend.  A winner will be declared for London and that team will go through to a global competition, culminating with a winner announced at a banquet in a city and a date to be arranged.  Check out our FAQ for all of the latest London news, information, rules, guidelines, timings for the hackathon weekend and how to enter. 



The London event for the world’s largest legal hackathon – the Global Legal Hackathon (GLH) will be held at University of Westminster, Regent Campus at 4-12 Little Titchfield Street, London, W1W 7BY.  They are kindly providing use of  their auditorium and classrooms right in the centre of London.



Global Thinking

The Hackathon will take place in over 40 cities globally.

The Hackathon will take place in over 6 continents.

The Hackathon will be hosted by over 60 companies.


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